Our Story

Me (Sagar) and my wife (Gauri) run a small business and have a deep passion and love for Artists and Creators. After two decades of experience in retail and software, we've burnt and learnt a thing or two about technology and marketing automation. With grey hair behind us, we are now on a mission to discover SA's local artists and creators, and showcase their craft to every Australian and beyond.

We have two wonderful kids (Sara & Arjun) who are growing up at rocket speed. We live in the coastal neighbourhood of Brighton, surrounded by lovely and helpful community.

If you are a creator or an artist who would like to be found and acknowledged, email or give us a call (08 7073 5815). It does not cost anything to collaborate with us.

Sagar and Gauri

Our Mission

Sell together, Save together

Save thousands of dollars in ongoing marketing, IT, SEO, rentals, subscriptions, and overhead costs

Proven technology

Use proven eCommerce system with Automation and lesser manual intervention


Equal marketing and promotional opportunities to every creator irrespective of business size

Fair business

Ensure all operations are carried out in lawful and responsible way with accountability