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What is Happy Basket Collective?

Global markets have been experiencing an unprecedented turbulence since start of Covid. This has directly or indirectly impacted our fellow Artists, Creators and Small Business Owners in a big way. Inflation is at its peak and its only getting worse, making it even tougher to pay our bills, let alone making any profits. HBC is an attempt to bring local Artists and Designers together and help them sell products quickly by keeping operations, marketing and IT costs as low as possible.

HBC aims to offer growth opportunities to Creators, Artists, and Businesses based in South Australia who offer quality products and do business in an ethical and responsible way.

We are a small business ourselves, and also IT professionals who have been serving clients globally since 2000. Headquartered in Adelaide (Brighton), we have aligned our thoughts and are on a mission to help local artists and creators, to promote their craft to every Australian.

Leave your daily Ops to us

  • Selling on TOP marketplaces (HBC, Etsy, eBay)
  • Publishing products and restocking on all platforms
  • Creating Auspost labels
  • Responding to Customers
  • Smart SEO for every product to generate more traffic
  • Writing personalised Social posts
  • Remarketing to previous customers
  • Following up with customers for Reviews

Our Mission

Sell together, Save together

Save thousands of dollars in ongoing marketing, IT, SEO, rentals, subscriptions, and overhead costs

Proven technology

Use proven eCommerce system with Automation and lesser manual intervention


Equal marketing and promotional opportunities to every creator irrespective of business size

Fair business

Ensure all operations are carried out in lawful and responsible way with accountability

For South Australia

Supporting and assisting local
creators and businesses to scale

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